Fact Or Fiction: Turning $10,000 into One Million?

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by henryliuforex on August 21, 2010 · 1,069 comments

Let’s take a minute and answer this one simple question:  “is it really possible to turn $10,000 into 1 million in under 12 months?”  Well, I guess anyone can say: “Yeah it’s possible”, but so is winning the lottery.  I don’t want you to get the wrong idea here and think that 10Kto1MM is just another hype, because I’ll prove it to you in the next few minutes, if you let me.

What I want to ask you now is to keep an open mind, you know, your mind is a lot like a parachute, and it only works when it’s open. It’s a shame that the only exercise some people do with their minds is jumping to conclusions… I can only speak for myself, and that was me on my first year of trading. What really turned my trading around was when I finally opened my mind to news trading… Had I kept the same mentality that all there is to Forex are just charts and indicators, I’d probably still be losing after 6 years of trading.

Let me give you some statistics, which I am sure you might’ve seen this somewhere, but this is based on a recent study, and interestingly enough, I’ve surveyed over 1000 traders anonymously, and the results are eerily similar.  Remember, these are approximate figures:

Let’s look at traders 6 months into their trading, and out of 100 traders:

  • 54 are currently losing money
  • 36 have decided to quit trading all together
  • 5 traders are barely breaking even or maybe just a bit on the profitable side.
  • 4 traders are making good money trading, a full income replacement
  • 1 out of 100 traders is at the millionaire status, or more.

This statistical data really doesn’t surprise me, because based on my personal survey, 85% of traders are on demo or losing money, and only 10% say that they are making money…

Foreign Exchange industry is stacked against us, as retail traders, and to make matters worse, our own sub-conscience sabotages every time we take a trade…  Now I came to this realization early on in my trading career, and by working with hundreds of traders directly in my Mastermind Mentoring Program just recently, I was able to confirm that one of the top reasons why only 5% of traders are making money is:

We don’t let our winning trades run long enough…

Have this ever happen to you?  Don’t you always take profit on the winning trades too soon while letting the losers run?  I’ve seen it happen over and over, and unless you tackle this issue head on, most traders will never make that change in their entire trading career. So my system, the 10kto1mm system, is meant to go after quality trades and let them run.  This type of trading is not only highly profitable, but it is probably as least stressful as Forex trading can be, and it only requires very little time, because once you set up the trades, by entering your stop/order and take/profit orders, and you can practically walk away.

Here’s what one of my Mastermind Mentoring Student Jim Hunt said:

“…I was having mixed results and generally going nowhere. Within a few weeks of reading the newsletters and taking the time to truly understand how the pieces fit, my account tripled in size. I won’t say how much because you won’t believe me lol… All I can say is …if you want the deeper understanding of how to become an independent trader then Henry is your ticket.”

Jim has mastered the concept of “letting winning trades run” and I’ve seen him in action during his time in my Mentoring Program, and it is amazing to see that once you change your perspective on trading, it’s like turning the table on the market.

Of course only letting your winning trades run is not enough to turn 10K into 1 Mil, but by adding a simple money management formula and the power of compounding, turning 10k into 1 million is no longer out of reach.

Let me give you an example, and you may want to get a calculator for this:

What Would You Rather Have, $1 Million Right Now, Or
1 Penny On Day One, But Double It Every Day For 30 Days?

If you are not from the US, a penny is the smallest denomination for USD.  You can substitute it with your own currency… The answer should be 1 penny right now because if you keep on compounding it and double that 30 times, you are looking at over 10 million dollars on day 30!  By compounding on your winnings, turning 10K into 1MM is not only possible, but in my opinion, it’s a very attainable goal when you have a plan…

Talking about plans, far too many traders that fall in the 95% losing category never have plans.  Most don’t know when to stop trading, what their daily goals should be, and some don’t even know what they ultimately want from Forex trading… Now don’t get me wrong, everyone wants financial freedom, extra time with the family, and happiness, but those aren’t goals, those are what you get after you’ve achieved your goals…

The Plan For My Trading Formula Is Simple…

Our final goal is to reach the 1 million dollar level and we have specific daily plans. But the best thing of all is that we are going to take baby steps. It’s almost impossible if we were to try to make 1 million straight from a $10,000 account, it’s just a disaster waiting to happen… but I know if I were to tell you that “let’s try to make 1% return on your account today,“ you’d have no problem with that, I mean $100 a day in profit from a $10,000 account isn’t so tough… and by applying the same principles, I’ve divided the 10kto1mm plan into 12 phases or 12 periods.  Each phase lasts about 30 days, and depending on market condition, it’s possible that we may complete a phase even before the 30 days.

As we move along through these phases and achieve goals after goals, your mind will be conditioned to follow the plan faithfully.  This will not only help you to achieve the ultimate goal of 1 million, but making the entire process almost like a routine.  There is absolutely no difference in the percentage of gains from phase to phase; the only difference is the account balance.

However, there is one word of warning, as this process will seem slow at the beginning.  But once we reach the final 3 phases, that’s when you’ll start to see some massive gains.  Like the penny example that I made earlier, you are around 163.84 on day 15, $5242.88 on day 20, and $167772.16 on day 25… the compounding effects gets in full force during the last 5 days which translates to about the last 3 phases of my 10K2to1mm formula.

But look at this from a different perspective, even if we are only able to reach phase 8 or 9 in a year, that is still pretty darn impressive if you ask me, because that’s equivalent of turning your 10K into more than 100K, and a 10x or more return on your initial investment in a year is nothing short of amazing.

Well I hope I’ve at least shown to you that turning 10K into 1 Million is an attainable goal, if you have a plan, you let your winning trades run, you use a good money management system, you compound on your gains, and you take baby steps in achieving this goal.

The question now is, how can you identify these winning trades so you can let them run?  I think this is probably the key question to success for my 10kto1mm program.  As I mentioned earlier, after working with hundreds of traders in my Mastermind Mentoring Program, I’ve realized that everyone learns differently, you can teach the same method to 100 people and you’ll probably end up with 100 different results.  The key has to do with everyone’s risk tolerance, trading experience, and account balance.  So I decided to create this system with some very specific guidelines in order to make sure everyone gets similar results.

First, the starting account balance is $10,000.00.  This has to be a separate account dedicated for this program.  I guess you can start with $1,000 or $5,000, but you must use the same lot size proportional to your balance.  Of course if you can start with 10K, your results will be comparable to mine.  On a side note, you can definitely start with less than 10K.  This program is for 12 phases or 12 months at least, you can add to your account later as you gain more confidence in this program.

Second, as stated before, this must be a separated account.  Since we are going to be using compounding factor, any trades other than the 10K to 1MM trades will add to the margin requirements and possibly conflict with our trades.  If you have a trade going LONG and we are looking to go SHORT, this is going to cause a psychological conflict in your mind and you may not want to go SHORT.  So we need to avoid this type of scenario.

Third, I have combined all of my proprietary trading methods, namely the fundamental trading method, market cycle, swing trading, support/resistance, and turned my focus towards long-term opportunities that matches our criteria, letting profits run, while cutting down on all other parts that deals with short-term gains.  The result is an ultra focused system designed to do one thing, and that’s finding highly profitable trades.

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what some of my Mastermind Mentoring students have to say about me and my system, and they are not even talking about the improvements that I made in the 10Kto1mm Formula:

“My name is Carlton Herndon, and this is personal for me…  Per Henry’s recommendation I went long USD/JPY on Dec. 3rd. In at 87.843 out at 90.417! Yes sir, Santa Claus is coming to town….”

“My name is Thierry Sleszynski, and I started Henry’s mentoring program in November of 2009.  I made 111 pips, the second week, I lost 23 pips, but then the third week, I made 286 pips. I have learned how to better manage my risk by entering trades and only risking appr. 30 pips while targeting 50 pips of gain using market cycles, trends, resistance and support to determine entry and exit strategies…”

“My name is Tan Pau Loon, nickname is Kcw in the trade room. I am your student from Singapore. my forex live account during November has gained 14.5% and December 7.8% so far. It is hard to imagine that my local bank only give 0.8% interest rate per annum and I am able to generate 20% myself in just 2 months by following your trading methods.”

“Hi, my name is Bruce Thompson and I have been a member of Henry Liu’s Mastermind Mentoring System for about a month. The system is AWESOME. Just last week, Henry’s early call on a risk appetite market with a weakening JPY across the board, I was able to pick up 371 pips easily during the week. These opportunities of knowing market sentiment ahead of time will happen and this is just some of the stuff Henry teaches you with his system.  “

From real traders, real results.  But what really humbled me was this email that I got from one of my Newsletter subscriber in February this year, Mike Freauf, he said that “…because of my consistent trading over the years (a lot to do with the training I have got from your), I just got hired as a currency traders for Australian Currency Trading PTY Ltd…”

In closing, let me just mention that I am a true believer of leading by example.  I have created a real account with $10K of my own money, and I’ll follow my own trades on the account, based on the 10KTo1MM formula.  I will share read-only password to anyone that signs up for my program, on top of SMS notification when I take a trade for a small nominal monthly fee ($67).  This is probably the best way to get everyone started right, as we all move towards this ambitious goal of 1 million in, hopefully, less than a year.

Once again, I’d to thank you for your time, and don’t forget to leave me a comment below.

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